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New Blog Posts Released at 11:30 AM Central Time Every Friday
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CEDA 2018 Double Octo-Finals

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This was from Double Octo-Finals of the 2018 Cross-Examination Debate Association National Championship Tournament held at the University of Puget Sound. 

Our first debate in this round is University of Kansas Bajwa & Henry vs University of Oklahoma Juarez & Smith. This clash of traditional policy and critical debate styles is a great learning tool.

Judges in this debate are Brian McBride, Taylor Johnson, Deven Cooper. OU JS won on a three-zero decision. 

 Our second debate of this round is Cornell University Mensah & Dahms vs Wake Forest University Harper & Van Schenck. This is also a clash of styles between a policy affirmative and a one-off Kritik with a case debate. 

 Judges in this debate are Stephen Ellis, John Koch, and Chris Leonardi. This was a three-zero decision for the Negative Wake Forest HV.


 Our last debate of the round is the hybrid team of Emory University/University of Rochester Morbeck & Morbeck vs University of Oklahoma White & Zhou. This highly anticipated debate is great for learning.

 Judges in this debate are Kevin Clarke, Nick J. Sciullo, and CV Vitolo-Haddad. OU WZ won this debate on a three-zero.

(Warning: Video does have an echo, we apologize for the technical issue.)

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