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New Blog Posts Released at 11:30 AM Central Time Every Friday
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2018 NDT Round 2- Emory Forman-Gazmararian vs UC Berkeley Ramash-Neelakandan

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This debate features Emory Forman-Gazmararian on the Affirmative. Emory read a death gaps Aff that attempted a humanist overhaul of the commoditized system of healthcare that only regards human beings as profitable. A universal health care system would reduce the "death gap" meaning that no longer are folks more likely to die because of their ethnicity, gender, or orientation. 

The Negative, Berkeley Neelakandan-Ramash, read an antiblackness kritik. They claimed that the 1ac's focus on access obfuscates our understanding of "care" and the relational (un)capacity to acknowledge black existence. The alternative is to work against the logic of survivability- otherwise violence continues in every social valuation because slavery/trauma is impossible to just move beyond. 

The judges in this round were Amrut Chowdhury (Aff), Matt Struth (Aff), and Rylee Taylor (Aff).

NOTE: The RFDs were streamed for this round and begin at the 2:08:00 timemark

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