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New Blog Posts Released at 11:30 AM Central Time Every Friday
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2018 NDT Round One- JMU KW vs Wichita St. WS

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The affirmative team in this debate was James Madison University Konrad and Wardak. JMU KW decided to break a new aff in this debate with the plan text "The United States Federal government should establish an optional public insurance plan without respect to citizenship in the United States". The Aff solved for medical repatriation, aka deportation of non-citizens due to them having costly illnesses. The Affirmative also read solvency claims about unequal life chances, stating that universal and public health insurance improves health outcomes for all people.

The negative in this debate was Wichita State Welch and Saunders. They decided to answer the new Aff with a 50 states counterplan: "The fifty United States and relevant territories should Establish a public health insurance plan, enact an interstate compact permitting intergovernmental coordination on all fields relevant to implementation of the aforementioned policies.". The Neg also read T- stating the Aff was a voluntary program while National Health Insurance implies a compulsory action. The negative also read a ptx DA with the story as dems good, but plan boosts Trump's approval, this leads to warming. The fourth off in this debate was a pharmaceutical innovation DA, the sotry was that the plan would undermine innovation, which causes China to take over and disrupts a power balance, triggering nuclear war. The Fifth off was an economic normalization DA, the Aff makes the economy seem unstable and fluid, what is needed now is stability. The negative finished their first speech with case answers.


If you want to know the ins-and-outs of a high tech, speedy, gritty, policy round. Check out the link below! Note: The Reason for Decision begins at the 2:34:30 mark of the video. Enjoy :) 


The judges in this debate were: Scott Harris (Neg), Jacob Justice (Neg), and Daniel Taylor (Neg). 

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