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New Blog Posts Released at 11:30 AM Central Time Every Friday
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2018 NDT Round One- Northwestern Callahan-Esman vs Texas Bleiweiss-Pabst

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In this round the affirmative, Northwestern Callahan and Esman broke an affirmative stating that the United States federal government should provide universal health insurance without regard to citizenship or legal residence. The 1ac was an ethic of solidarity and relationality toward non-citizens in an attempt to resolve unequal life chances for marginalized people. 

The Negative, Texas Pabst and Bleiweiss, read an actuarialism kritik that criticized the AFF for invoking insurance as a method of subject formation. The aff's use of rules-bound discourse functions as a regime of truth, that upholds risk management not as a neutral position but as a stabilizing factor for current power relations. The alternative is to understand life as eventful rather than insurable. 


The judges in this round were: Tripp Rebrovick (Aff), Michael Souders (Aff), and Kevin Whitley (Aff). 

Note: The RFDs for this round were streamed and begin at the 2:13:30 timemark.



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