New Blog Posts Released at 11:30 AM Central Time Every Friday
New Blog Posts Released at 11:30 AM Central Time Every Friday
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The Exodus Files Promise- Growing Debate

Resource disparity plagues debate We are setting out to change that!

Many people would love to debate, but can't due to inadequate funding and/or instruction.  We give 10% of our sales to Urban Debate Leagues and the Women's Debate Institute to grow the activity.

Exodus Files is in the process of creating educational material to supplement debate class. Expect articles from debate experts, reader companions to popular critical articles/books, podcasts, and videos to be uploaded to our website on a regular basis. 


We produce the file, allowing you to focus more time on honing your skills.

The staff at Exodus Files is a savvy group of current and former collegiate debaters. We are dedicated to crafting the best arguments for you, the pedigree of our workers guarantees that success has touched your file in every step of the way.



Director of Research- Arriq Singleton

Arriq is a lab leader at the Jayhawk Debate Institute (JDI). They are a fifth-year debater at ESU, during the 2017-2018 season they were a double-Octofinalist at the National Debate Tournament, . Arriq oversees file production and quality checks every file before it is uploaded. 


Chief Finance Officer - Alex Rickard

Alex debated at Emporia State University for three years, and was an assistant lab leader at Cameron University. In collegiate debate, they debated in the post-structuralist vein of literature and they are influenced by debate authors such as Deleuze, Moten, Halberstam, and Agathangelou.


Chief Marketing Officer - Squid Monteith

Squid debated four years at Silver Lake High School and is a second-year debater at Emporia State University. Squid is a board member and lecturer at the Women's Debate Institute, and has read a diverse range of arguments from framework to queer theory. 


Strategic Marketing and Program Development Consultant - Kelly Thompson

Kelly is an award-winning coach from Kansas. He has coached teams to late elimination rounds of both the NCFL and NSDA/NFL National Tournaments, in addition to being recognized as the 2013 and 2017 Kansas Debate Coaches Invitational Coach of the Year, and the 2013 Kansas Speech Communication Association Educator of the Year.